When the person gets my invitation?


Once you click submit, we send the email automatically. We just don´t say your name yet. 


What does the person get in the email then?


They will receive a message about someone asking them out for the charity cause. The form you fill will generate an email with your answers that hypothetically make your potential date interested!


What happens next?


We all patiently wait until the lockdown is over. Once it happens your date will receive an email with your name and will be able to reply you directly. All set.

What if the person doesn't respond anyhow? 


It might happen. However, we encourage you to take a solo action and send him/her our link or just ask them directly. Fingers crossed!

Is the donation obligatory?


We do this in order to make you not lonely anymore but also the elderly in UK who are living abandoned will get a chance to have some brighter days thanks to your donation. So the donation is not obligatory but you are kindly asked to contribute any amount you feel. 


Where does the money go?


Every single payment is automatically redirected to the Reengate´ s paypal gate and end up directly on their account. They use the donations for training new volunteers, expanding the social activities groups and bringing the seniors together. 


But it's not possible to organize social groups these days.


Reengage has a number of volunteers who are helping on the phone. Call companions make regular telephone calls to lonely and isolated older people providing a lifeline of friendship.  The regular chat and companionship offers a vital link with the outside world.

Can I volunteer for Reengage too?


Totally! Check the link here: https://www.reengage.org.uk/volunteer/new-volunteers/