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So you think your social life is in

a rut? Take a moment to think about the lonely elderly people in the UK.


Re-engage, is helping these 

people to socialise during these hard times

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About Re-engage

If you think your social and love life are in a rut, think about the 2 million elderly people living alone across the UK. Over one million of them regularly go a month without talking to a friend, family member or even a neighbour.


That is why we decided to support Re-engageThey are here to bring older people together into social groups at a time in their lives when their social circles are diminishing.

This year, 8,500 older guests were part of over 900 groups across the UK, supported by 14,000 volunteers. 


Who did this?

About us

We are one happily married couple of a young ambitious designer, Jacob, and an aspiring photographer Sarka.  Luckily, we are going through the COVID-19 crisis smoothly so far. We are healthy and have each other to be stuck at home with...


However, we are very aware that this situation is not easy for many others. Even among our friends and families people of all ages are feeling lonely and cut off from the world. Some of them have even lost their loved ones in this pandemic.


We were hoping to find a parallel between lonely elderly people and the youth who's been unlucky with love or just too shy to ask someone out. That is how was born. 

The goal of this platform is to encourage people to make that first step and ask someone out, no matter what age they are. In turn, their donation will help cheer up the lives of lonely elderly people in the UK.


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